Little can do MUCH

Del af YOU RUN 2018
We are running for charity to support a better life for vulnerable children and women to make them stand strong with education.

We firmly believe that education can break the cycle of poverty for many children, who does not have any other choice.

Please join our running team - the more the merrier. We also hope that you will support/donate our cause with a small amount - little can do MUCH.

About them:
LittleBigHelp works to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India. We work to secure basic child rights such as education and protection, along with women's empowerment through skill development – each and every day. We cannot help everybody, but our belief is that everybody can help some. And your support will get us a long way!
Their Mission:
We change your little help into a big help for people in need.
Their Vision:
We cannot help everybody – but we can help some. And we do it!

Your money will be used for:
- Meals and school tuition for 90 out-of-school children, who are in school preparation-courses in 3 safe-centers in Kolkata's slum area.
- Spreading information and awareness in the local slum areas about the importance of education for children; and that they should not be involved in labour or child-marriage.
- Women's training centers, which aim to strengthen marginalized women socially and economically.
- Education with focus on jewellery, tailoring and cosmetology to prepare them with skills that can create a source of income to them.

Read more about their work:

Thomas and Nidhi

12.250 kr.

245% 5.000 kr.



Nidhi og Thomas


Rang Indsamling Donationer Indsamlet Beløb
1 Nidhi Gandhoke 36 11.750 kr.
2 Thomas Habekost 1 500 kr.

Seneste aktivitet

  • Jamie Graham Graham Jamie Graham Graham Donerede 500 kr.

    Great cause! I hope you completed the Run - I seem to have missed the deadline!

  • Pia Barslev Pia Barslev Donerede 250 kr.

  • Mamaji/Mamiji (Banti/Ruby) Mamaji/Mamiji (Banti/Ruby) Donerede 650 kr.

  • Saiqa Qayyum Saiqa Qayyum Donerede 200 kr.

  • Mette  Fagerholt Mette Fagerholt Donerede 100 kr.


  • Sachin  Luthra Sachin Luthra Donerede 500 kr.

  • Naja Lundgreen Naja Lundgreen Donerede 150 kr.

  • Maria Mejer Nielsen Maria Mejer Nielsen Donerede 100 kr.

    Gurpreet ❤️

  • Mariam Mani Mariam Mani Donerede 100 kr.

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 250 kr.


    Nidhi Gandhoke Nidhi Gandhoke: Kære søde "anonymous user". Jeg vil meget gerne takke dig for din donation personligt, så jeg håber du kan sende en privat besked til mig. Kh Nidhi <3
  • Kristine og Niels Jørgensen Kristine og Niels Jørgensen Donerede 200 kr.

  • Pernille Julebæk Pernille Julebæk Donerede 200 kr.

  • Ulla Holten  Seidel Ulla Holten Seidel Donerede 100 kr.

  • Anne Mette Habekost Anne Mette Habekost Donerede 500 kr.

    Vi hepper på jer, og sender gode tanker og ønsker til dejlige Gurpreet

  • Hardeep Banga Hardeep Banga Donerede 250 kr.

    Du er så sej Nidhi!

  • Aman Kaur Aman Kaur Donerede 100 kr.

  • Kirsten Habekost Kirsten Habekost Donerede 500 kr.

    Med ønske om at I alle får en god dag - med sol, løb og heppe-kor :)

  • Gitte og Michael Habekost Gitte og Michael Habekost Donerede 500 kr.

  • Habekost Bui Habekost Bui Donerede 500 kr.

  • Jill og Niels Peter Habekost Jill og Niels Peter Habekost Donerede 1.000 kr.

  • Line Galsgaard Line Galsgaard Donerede 50 kr.

    I am donating to support someone I care about. Gurpreet, you are and have been, for as long as I have known you, an inspiration to me.

  • Pernille Olsen Pernille Olsen Donerede 250 kr.

  • Tommy Egebjerg Tommy Egebjerg Donerede 500 kr.

  • Christina Davidsen Christina Davidsen Donerede 100 kr.