Gadens Børn

Part of YOU RUN 2020

2,700 kr.

27% 10,000 kr.



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Pia Lindell Qwist

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There aren't yet any team members in this team. That's no fun!

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Recent activity

  • Simone  Borch Christensen Simone Borch Christensen Donated 200 kr.

  • Mathias Borch Mathias Borch Donated 500 kr.

    Ninjaen i mørke

  • Oliver Olsen Oliver Olsen Donated 50 kr.

  • Kate Borch Kate Borch Donated 150 kr.

  • Michael Raetzel Michael Raetzel Donated 50 kr.

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 50 kr.

  • Mads Glad. Mads Glad. Donated 400 kr.

  • Anders Bloch Sørensen Anders Bloch Sørensen Donated 250 kr.

  • Lone  Kristiansen Lone Kristiansen Donated 250 kr.

  • Lone Glad Lone Glad Donated 100 kr.

  • Karina Sørensen Karina Sørensen Donated 250 kr.

  • Søren  Sørensen Søren Sørensen Donated 250 kr.

  • Anne Gøttsche Anne Gøttsche Donated 200 kr.