Gurpreet’s fundraiser for Kræftens Bekæmpelse

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Kræftens Bekæmpelse - YOU RUN 2018

Gurpreet’s fundraiser for Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Dear friends,

A fundraiser directed towards defeating cancer.

Since my sister/didi was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I have been praying for miracles. In this situation, the only miracle that can help her is medication that can defeat the cancer quickly.

In 2016, cancer treatment research was working on some treatment that can help limit the spread of cancer cells. Two years after, this treatment is available for cancer patients. What I am trying to say is that cancer research is progressing fast and better treatments are being developed all over the world. Once it touches you, it’s all about how fast you can gain control of it. Together with World Health Org. and various cancer treatment centers, we can help speed up the process and cure for defeating cancer once and for good.

Therefore, I together with her husband are running to collect funding for Kræftens Bekæmpelse/Defeat Cancer organization.

I hope you will donate. All contributions, small and large are very welcome and will be much appreciated.

While running, my thoughts will be with everyone I know who has lost the battle to cancer, and their nearest families. <3

The run is on the 29th of April 2018, so the fundraiser is ongoing for 7 days and will end on Sunday.

A huge HUG to you all,
Nidhi and Thomas

PS. remember that if you are from Denmark, please remember to include your CPR number or CVR number to get a tax deduction.

11,750 kr.

118% 10,000 kr.


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  • Jamie Graham Graham Jamie Graham Graham Donated 500 kr.

    Great cause! I hope you completed the Run - I seem to have missed the deadline!

  • Pia Barslev Pia Barslev Donated 250 kr.

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  • Sachin  Luthra Sachin Luthra Donated 500 kr.

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  • Maria Mejer Nielsen Maria Mejer Nielsen Donated 100 kr.

    Gurpreet ❤️

  • Mariam Mani Mariam Mani Donated 100 kr.

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 250 kr.


    Nidhi Gandhoke Nidhi Gandhoke: Kære søde "anonymous user". Jeg vil meget gerne takke dig for din donation personligt, så jeg håber du kan sende en privat besked til mig. Kh Nidhi <3
  • Kristine og Niels Jørgensen Kristine og Niels Jørgensen Donated 200 kr.

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  • Ulla Holten  Seidel Ulla Holten Seidel Donated 100 kr.

  • Anne Mette Habekost Anne Mette Habekost Donated 500 kr.

    Vi hepper på jer, og sender gode tanker og ønsker til dejlige Gurpreet

  • Hardeep Banga Hardeep Banga Donated 250 kr.

    Du er så sej Nidhi!

  • Aman Kaur Aman Kaur Donated 100 kr.

  • Kirsten Habekost Kirsten Habekost Donated 500 kr.

    Med ønske om at I alle får en god dag - med sol, løb og heppe-kor :)

  • Gitte og Michael Habekost Gitte og Michael Habekost Donated 500 kr.

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  • Jill og Niels Peter Habekost Jill og Niels Peter Habekost Donated 1,000 kr.

  • Line Galsgaard Line Galsgaard Donated 50 kr.

    I am donating to support someone I care about. Gurpreet, you are and have been, for as long as I have known you, an inspiration to me.

  • Pernille Olsen Pernille Olsen Donated 250 kr.

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