This year again, Thomas and I are running YOU RUN Copenhagen 2019. Last year we ran in the name of cancer for our Gurpreet/Daisy. We were hoping for miracles... but it sucks deep down from the bottom of my heart that cancer does not have a cure, at least not for my sister. She fought like a strong woman, but left us for a better place in the beginning of April.

She was very proud and happy that we did this run last year. And although she is not here with us anymore - Thomas and I will keep on running in her honor. Our team is named #TeamDaisy. 💕 You are welcome to run with us on 28.04 (5km walk, 5km/10km run).

Our fundraiser goes to poor kids around the world PlanBørnefonden - have a look and feel free to contribute:

You can donate whatever small or large amount - every cent counts!

Lots of love,
Thomas and Nidhi

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    Gurpreet ❤️ Den smukkeste stjerne på himlen⭐️❤️

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