Cecilia Parker's indsamling for PlanBørnefonden - YOU RUN 2019

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PlanBørnefonden - YOU RUN 2019

Cecilia Parker's indsamling for PlanBørnefonden - YOU RUN 2019

Girls have the right to an education and to the opportunities that comes with it. But in many parts of the world girls' road to education is filled with obstacles. It is not just a matter of being allowed to attend school, we also need to ensure that girls can attend school.

In Bondo, Kenya, many girls are simply unable go to school during their period. They are forced to stay at home as they don't have access to sanitary pads or tampons. Instead they use old newspapers, clothing, or cleaning sponges. Not only does this mean it is difficult to leave the house, it also comes with a serious risk of infections.

PLAN is raising money to provide these girls with reusable, sterile sanitary pads. 100 DKK buys 5 sanitary pads. Let's do it!

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